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Willow Tree Figurines

Willow Tree Figurines

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Celebrate the beauty of heartfelt moments with Willow Tree figurines. Known for their emotional expression through gestures, each piece in this collection tells a unique story of love, family, and faith. Perfect for collectors or as meaningful gifts, these figurines bring warmth and serenity to any space.

Material:Hand-painted resin, crafted to resemble carved wood.
Mi Casa 1:A figure holding a house, symbolizing home and protection.
Love 2: A woman in a blue dress holding a bouquet with the word "Love."
Father & Daughter 3:A seated figure with a child, representing nurturing and care.
Angel of Prayer 4: An angel with wire wings praying.
With Affection 5: An angel with wire wings cradling a cat.
Of remembrance 6:An angel with wire wings holding a sheaf of wheat.
Angel of the Garden 7:An angel holding a shovel. 
Thank you 8:A round plaque with an angel and the words "Thank You."
- **Figurine 9:** An angel with wire wings holding a candle.
- **Figurine 10:** An angel with wire wings holding a sign that says "Angels of Prayer."

**Condition:** Excellent condition with detailed craftsmanship intact, perfect for display.

**Dimensions:** (Approximate for each piece)
- **Height:** [Insert dimensions]
- **Width:** [Insert dimensions]
- **Depth:** [Insert dimensions]

**Perfect for:**
- Collectors of Willow Tree figurines
- Gifts for loved ones to mark special occasions
- Home decor, adding an element of grace and emotion

Bring the tender moments of life into your home with this beautiful collection of Willow Tree figurines, each piece embodying the essence of human connection and emotion.


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