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Floral Book Selection

Floral Book Selection

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Choose one or both books and discover the timeless beauty and intricate techniques of floral arrangement with ‘The Art of Arranging Flowers’, ‘Japanese Ikebana’, and ‘The Artful Flower’. Curated in collaboration with Lladró, a name synonymous with artistic excellence, this collection is an essential addition to the library of any flower enthusiast, designer, or art lover.


1. Elegant Presentation:Each book in this selection is elegantly bound with high-quality materials, featuring beautiful cover designs that reflect the artistry within.

2. Comprehensive Insights:Delve into the history, philosophy, and techniques of floral arrangement across different cultures and styles, from the minimalist beauty of Japanese Ikebana to contemporary and artistic approaches.

3. Stunning Visuals:Filled with exquisite, full-color photographs, these books provide visual inspiration and detailed guides to creating breathtaking floral arrangements.

4. Expert Contributions:Written by leading florists and scholars, each book offers expert advice, step-by-step tutorials, and insights into the art and practice of arranging flowers.

1. The Art of Arranging Flowers:Explore the fundamentals of floral design with a comprehensive guide that covers everything from selecting the right flowers to mastering various arrangement techniques. This book is perfect for beginners and seasoned florists alike.

2. Japanese Ikebana: Immerse yourself in the serene and disciplined art of Ikebana, the Japanese tradition of flower arranging. Learn about the principles of harmony, balance, and simplicity that define this elegant art form, and gain practical tips for creating your own Ikebana displays.

3. The Artful Flower:Discover innovative and contemporary approaches to floral design with this inspiring book. Featuring profiles of renowned floral artists and a gallery of unique arrangements, *The Artful Flower* showcases the creative possibilities of flower arranging as an art form.


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