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Collectors Edition Books

Collectors Edition Books

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Vintage ‘Wonder Book of the Worlds Progress’, complete set of 10, 1935 

Discover a piece of history with our collection of 10 vintage volumes from the Wonder Book of the World's Progress series, dating back to 1935. These beautifully preserved books offer a fascinating glimpse into the past, covering a wide range of topics and achievements that have shaped the modern world. Each volume is filled with rich illustrations, detailed narratives, and timeless insights, making it a perfect addition for collectors, history enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates the charm of vintage literature. Add these classic treasures to your library and journey through the world's progress as it was seen nearly a century ago.

Library of America : Elmore Leonard and WIlliam Maxwell, set of 4 (2 from each author)

Enhance your literary collection with this set of 4 impeccably preserved books from the Library of America, complete with dust sleeves. This carefully curated collection features the distinguished works of William Maxwell and Elmore Leonard. Each volume is in pristine condition, offering timeless stories and insights from two of America's most celebrated authors. Perfect for collectors and avid readers alike, this set combines literary excellence with exceptional quality. Add these classic works to your bookshelf and enjoy the enduring brilliance of Maxwell and Leonard.

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