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Antique Selection of Novels 1880s-1920s

Antique Selection of Novels 1880s-1920s

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Dive into the rich world of classic literature with this carefully curated bundle of vintage books. Each novel in this collection offers a unique glimpse into timeless tales of romance, intrigue, and human emotion.

The Fatal Ruby by Charles Garvice
- Immerse yourself in a captivating story of love and mystery, penned by the prolific romance writer Charles Garvice. This novel promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats with its intricate plot and unforgettable characters.

My Heart and Stefanie by R.W. Kauffman
- Explore the depths of the human heart in this evocative novel by R.W. Kauffman. With its poignant storytelling and well-drawn characters, this book is a beautiful portrayal of love and self-discovery.

The Woman He Desired by Louise Gerard
- Unveil the complexities of desire and longing in Louise Gerard's compelling narrative. This novel delves into the emotional journey of its characters, offering readers a profound exploration of passion and aspiration.

True as Steel by Marion Harland
- Discover a tale of strength and resilience with Marion Harland's "True as Steel." This inspiring story highlights the virtues of courage and steadfastness, making it a timeless read for all generations.

These vintage books are in good condition, with some signs of age that add to their charm and historical value.


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