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Vintage Thoren’s Music Box Plays ‘Humoresque’ #67377 , 1977

Vintage Thoren’s Music Box Plays ‘Humoresque’ #67377 , 1977

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Experience timeless elegance with the Thoren’s Music Box, crafted in Switzerland and designed to play the enchanting melody of "Humoresque." This exquisite music box boasts precision craftsmanship and superior sound quality, characteristic of Swiss-made creations. Though the music must be started manually via switch; the box is in great condition otherwise.

Encased in a beautifully crafted box made in Poland, it combines the best of European artistry. Perfect as a gift or a cherished keepsake, the Thoren’s Music Box adds a touch of classic charm to any home. Enjoy the soothing tunes and exquisite design of this unique, cross-cultural treasure.

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