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Victrola Mahogany Phonograph Model VV-50, 1920s

Victrola Mahogany Phonograph Model VV-50, 1920s

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Travel back in time with the Victrola Mahogany Phonograph Model VV-50 from the 1920s. This rare piece of history, measuring 17.5x12x9 inches, transports you to the golden age of music. Despite being over a century old, it remains in remarkable condition, a showcase of the craftsmanship and engineering of the time. Like any antique, this phonograph shows signs of wear and tear, with scratches and tarnishing on the steel corners and handle. The lid also bears slight damage from repeated needle punctures, telling the tale of countless hours of music and entertainment.




While this Victrola is in working condition, it will benefit from some tender loving care. Cleaning and fresh greasing of the spring motor, routine lubrication/oiling of other normal points, and new gaskets for the original No. 2 head are recommended to ensure optimal performance. The nickel-plated metal parts will also require cleaning to restore their luster and shine.

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